Poke A Day



On April 9th 2011, I took on the challenge to draw all 649 pokemon, one a day until I've drawn them all.

The challenge was completed. The challenge will not be continued however. Though this is subject to change

If I fail to post a new pokemon at the end of a 10 day period, I must shave my head.

If new official pokemon are released, they will be added to the que. The Pokemon in the que are chosen at random.

Also sometimes I post non-pokemon artwork here too.

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And how are they done?  

I need this for a class mid-term.  My teacher never posted notes on this so I have no idea.  

  1. crayoncandy answered: They’re like storyboards, only they break down the color and lighting of your shots, instead of posing and timing. bit.ly/zwoi8d
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