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On April 9th 2011, I took on the challenge to draw all 649 pokemon, one a day until I've drawn them all.

The challenge was completed. The challenge will not be continued however. Though this is subject to change

If I fail to post a new pokemon at the end of a 10 day period, I must shave my head.

If new official pokemon are released, they will be added to the que. The Pokemon in the que are chosen at random.

Also sometimes I post non-pokemon artwork here too.

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30 Day Monster Girl Challenge

Day 18: Alien

Asker seuratkraut Asks:
Holy crapples your alien drawing is getting tattooed on my thigh oops
pokeaday pokeaday Said:

Say What???!!!  Pictures!

signlesstheredbloodedtroll Wanted Zeus building with Legos.  Thank for sharing your story.  I hope you like the sketch. <3

monsieurbombardier wanted a gender bent x-files.  I probs made Scully a touch more ginger.

snoozingdragon Wanted a sleepy dragon who loved tea!  

dastardlydereck Likes Gerard Way’s new album “Hesitant Alien”

So please enjoy this drawing of Gerard way with a hesitant alien.

derpygriffin I hope you find this cute!  Thanks for being my 1,000th follower.

Again, If anyone else wants a sketch today I am open for requests as a thank you for stickin’ around. <3

derpygriffin Thank you!  You are my 1,000th follower.  I wanted to ask you if you wanted a sketch gift or something of the like, but you don’t appear to have an ask!  Let me know if you want one!

Hell, if ANY of my followers would like a sketch gift, I have nothing to do tomorrow so hit me up!  Thanks for following me. <3


correction: i knew, i knew the whole time plz say somethiNg nice TO ME plEA

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THERES A NEW HOMESTARRUNNER CARTOON (ITS A POWERED BY THE CHEAT) http://homestarrunner.com/fisheyelens.html



Thank you god’s friend jesus.

Have you heard the good news?

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krazzberries I hope you are out doing something fun for your birthday!





Someone explain the brown box/red circle one??


It’s cake with a cherry on top. Right?


colored a sketch


colored a sketch

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Box Trolls.  Guys.  They are so much fin to draw.


Myself as a Box Troll: Dog Food.

Draw yourself as a Box Troll!

Your box is based on the last box you received/threw away.  Everything else is up to you! For example I get acne on my shoulders so I gave that to my Box Troll. The uglier the better!  They’re trolls after all.